A lazy 24 hour photographic impression of Bonifacio, Corsica

Talk about a fairytale town. Bonifacio, Corsica is a slice of heaven. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, monolithic sea bluffs and infused with French /Corsican culture – plus a majestic well protected port – Bonifacio is my number one pick to: eat, drink, use Facebook, make sweet love and even die accidentally.

Don’t miss the Marilyn Monroe moment at the end.

Captain Awesome, Bonifacio, Corsica. August, 2015



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  1. Stunning pics, as always mate. You should do one of those books with a compilation of your pics for each year. I would buy one from you and I bet a few others would too. Cheap to produce these days too.

    • Thank you mate. Glad you are enjoying. Maybe one day I’ll publish something. Need a few more years to gather the content…it’s out there. See you soon I hope!

  2. Pictures are stunning. What an ideal location. Love that you were at the ready to snap that photo of the gals “cheeks”.

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